Wholeworld church of God

Pastor Ronald W. Laughland

    Feast Of Tabernacles

*These are messages given during the Feast Of Tabernacles by The WholeWorld Church Of God. Just click the "Audio"  button to listen to the message. All you need to be able to listen is "Adobe Flash Player". Your computer probably already has it, but if not it can be installed HERE.You may have to click the "pause" button in the player for the message to load for a minute,  then click the "play"  button in the player to play the message.

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Day 1 (09-24-2018)
"A Kingdom Of Priests" by Ron Laughland

Day 2 (09-25-2018)
"Godly Fear And Gods Feasts Days" by Steve Vaughn

Day 3 (10-07-2017)
"Marriage" by Ron Laughland

Day 4 (10-08-2017)
"The Restoration Of All Things" by Dave Jones

Day 5 (10-09-2017)

"Friendly" by Ron Laughland

Day 6 (10-10-2017)
"?" by Dave Jones

Day 7 (10-11-2017)
"6570 Day prophecy" (split sermon) by Danny Howard
The Last Great Day (10-24-2016)
"Visualization" by Ron Laughland
Day 1 (09-24-2018)
"Why Are We Here" by Dave Jones




Day 2 (10-06-2017)
"Wealth From The Land" by Ed Tidwell (split sermon)

Day 3 (10-07-2017)
"The Feast Of Booths" by Dave Jones

Day 4 (10-08-2017)
"Is The Feast Of Tabernacles Really Important" by Steve Vaughn 

Day 5 (10-09-2017)
"Family In The Kingdom" by Vince Lowhorn

Day 6 (10-10-2017)

"A Feast Of Joy" by Steve Vaughn


Day 7 (10-11-2017)
"What Are Figs Good For" (split sermon) by Ed Tidwell
The Last Great Day (10-24-2016)
"Our Reservation" by Dave Jones