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Previously Recorded Audio Archive


A helping Hand; Words Without Action Is Dead Religion 01-03-2015 DOWNLOAD  

Servants Of God by Dave Jones (split sermon) 01-10-2015 DOWNLOAD  

The End Time by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 01-17-2015 DOWNLOAD  

Why The Greatest by Tony Styer 01-14-2015 DOWNLOAD  

Remember The Sabbath by Dave Jones 01-31-2015 DOWNLOAD  

Marriage by Ron Laughland 02-07-2015 DOWNLOAD  

We Are Special by Ron Laughland 02-14-2015 DOWNLOAD  

Faith Now by Ron Laughland 02-21-2015 DOWNLOAD 

God Our Healer by Dave Jones (split sermon) 02-28-2015 DOWNLOAD

The Practice Of Evil by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 03-07-2015 DOWNLOAD 

We Are Special by Ron Laughland 03-14-2015 DOWNLOAD 

A Sacrifice Of Love by Dave Jones (split sermon) 03-21-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Prophet Of Love by Ron Laughland 03-28-2015 DOWNLOAD

The Journey by Ron Laughland FDULB 04-04-2015 DOWNLOAD

Between A Rock In A Hard Place by Ron Laughland LDULB 04-10-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Teachers, Ambassadors, Kings, And Priests by Stephen Breault (split sermon) 04-11-2015 DOWNLOAD

Understanding Prophecy part 1 by Ron Laughland 04-18-2015 DOWNLOAD

Understanding Prophecy part 2 by Ron Laughland 04-25-2015 DOWNLOAD 

 The Right Time by Ron Laughland 05-02-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Pentecost Is Coming by Dave Jones 05-09-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Difference Gods Holy Spirit Makes by Stephen Breault (split sermon) 05-23-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Power by Ron Laughland (Pentecost) 05-24-2015 DOWNLOAD

How To Split A Church by Ron Laughland 05-30-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Never Give Up The Race To The Kingdom Of God by Dave Jones 06-13-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Man vs Woman by Ron Laughland 06-27-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Mark Of The Beast by Ron Laughland 07-04-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Mark Of The Beast part 3 by Ron Laughland 10-31-2015 DOWNLOAD

Your Secret Is Safe With Me by Ed Tidwell 07-11-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Are We Awake by Ron Laughland 07-18-2015 DOWNLOAD 

What Shall We Do by Dave Jones 07-25-2015 DOWNLOAD

The Leadership Of Peter by Ron Laughland 08-01-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Why Are You Really Here by Ron Laughland 08-08-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Ready Or Not The King Is Coming by Dave Jones 08-15-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Open Your Eyes by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 08-22-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Overview Of Gods Holy Days by Stephen Breault (split sermon) 08-29-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Majoring In The Minors by Ron Laughland 09-05-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Kingdom Of God by Ron Laughland 09-12-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Warning Trumpets by Ron Laughland (Trumpets) 09-14-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Atonement by Dave Jones 09-19-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Servant Leadership by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 09-26-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Conduct At The Feast by Ron Laughland (FOT 1st day) 09-28-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Family by Ron Laughland (FOT 2nd day) 09-29-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Feast Of Ingathering by Dave Jones (FOT 3rd day split sermon) 09-30-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Leadership In The Kingdom by Ron Laughland (FOT 4th day split sermon) 10-01-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Tabernacles To Mansions by Dave Jones (FOT 5th day) 10-02-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Mind Of God by Ron Laughland (FOT 6th day) 10-03-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Born To Rule by Dave Jones (FOT 7th day) 10-04-2015 DOWNLOAD  

The Last Great Day by Ron Laughland (The Last Great Day) 10-05-2015 DOWNLOAD

A Sloppy World by Ron Laughland 10-17-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Remembering The Restored Truths by Stephen Breault (split sermon) 10-24-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Maturing by Ron Laughland 11-07-2015  DOWNLOAD 

If You Had Known by Ron Laughland 11-28-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Gifts Of The Spirit by Ron Laughland 12-05-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Faith by Dave Jones 12-12-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Family Of God by Ron Laughland 12-19-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The End Of The Church Era by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 12-26-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Government by Ron Laughland 01-02-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Don't Be Afraid by Ron Laughland 01-09-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Pray For One Another by Ron Laughland 01-06-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Choices Do Matter by Dave Jones (split sermon) 01-23-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Chaos by Ron Laughland 01-30-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Why Are We Here by Ron Laughland 02-06-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Contrite Heart by Ron Laughland 02-13-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Understanding The Covenants part 1 by Ron Laughland 02-20-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Attributes Of God by Dave Jones 02-27-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Gods Plan by Ron Laughland 03-05-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Passover Basics by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 03-12-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Why Are We Here by Ron Laughland 03-19-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Passover vs Easter by Ron Laughland 03-26-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Resurrection by Ron Laughland 04-02-2016 DOWNLOAD 

When Out Of Egypt Israel Went by Dave Jones 04-09-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Hatred by Ron Laughland 04-16-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Just What Is Leavening by Ron Laughland (1st DULB) 04-23-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Only By Gods Power by Ron Laughland (LDULB) 04-29-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Power Of God by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 04-30-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Building Strength by Ron Laughland 05-07-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Trust In The Lord by Dave Jones 05-14-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Chaos In America by Ron Laughland 05-21-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Chaos In America part 2 by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 05-28-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Chaos In America part 3 by Ron Laughland 06-04-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Metamorphosis; Our Change by Dave Jones 6-11-2016 DOWNLOAD

The Mind Of God by Ron Laughland 06-18-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Purpose Of The Church by Ron Laughland 06-25-2016 DOWNLOAD

Reaching Out In Love by Ron Laughland 07-02-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Character by Ron Laughland 07-09-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Do Not Be Conformed To The World by Dave Jones 07-16-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Gods Attitude by Ron Laughland 07-23-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Danger At The End Time by Ron Laughland 07-30-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Is The Bible True by Ron Laughland 08-06-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Agape Love by Dave Jones 08-13-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Ambassador College by Ron Laughland 08-20-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Dude, Why Are You Here? by Danny Howard 08-27-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Are You A Christian by Ron Laughland 09-03-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Draw Near To God by Dave Jones 09-10-2016 DOWNLOAD

Prophecy by Ron Laughland 09-17-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Birth Of A Family by Ron Laughland 09-24-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Prepare For Trumpets by Ron Laughland 10-01-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Trumpet Will Sound by Ron Laughland (Trumpets) 10-03-2016 DOWNLOAD 

To See Or Not To See by Danny Howard 10-08-2016 DOWNLOAD

Atonement by Ron Laughland (Atonement) 10-12-2016 DOWNLOAD

Does God Care What We Do by Ron Laughland 10-15-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Unity by Ron Laughland (Tabernacles 1st day) 10-17-2016 DOWNLOAD  

Leadership In The World Tomorrow by Dave Jones (Tabernacles 2nd day) 10-18-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Leadership by Danny Howard (Tabernacles 3rd day) 10-19-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Tabernacle by Ron Laughland (Tabernacles 4th day) 10-20-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Righteous Standard by Dave Jones (Tabernacles 5th day) 10-21-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Physical Temple by Ron Laughland (Tabernacles 6th day) 10-22-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Build A Miniature Kingdom Of God by Danny Howard (Tabernacles 7th day) 10-23-2016 Download 

Visualization by Ron Laughland (LGD) 10-24-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Onward Christian Soldiers by Dave Jones 10-29-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Me Be Deceived? Never.. by Dave Jones 11-05-2016 DOWNLOAD  

The Hearts Of The Fathers And The Children by Danny Howard 11-12-2016 DOWNLOAD

The Two Witnesses part 1 by Ron Laughland 11-19-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Miracles by Ron Laughland 12-03-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Positive Or Negative by Dave Jones 12-10-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Decisions, Decisions by Ron Laughland 12-17-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The God Of This Age by Ron Laughland 12-24-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Dont Make The Worst Mistake Of Your Life by Dave Jones 12-31-2016 DOWNLOAD

The Prophet by Ron Laughland 01-14-2017 DOWNLOAD

The Prophet part 2 by Ron Laughland  01-28-2017 DOWNLOAD

Forgive And Forget... Or Do We? by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 01-21-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Keep Your Eyes On God by Dave Jones 02-04-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Preparing For The Feasts by Ron Laughland 02-11-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Legacy Of HWA by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 02-18-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Good Health; Its Your Responsibility by Ed Tidwell 02-25-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Know That You Know by Ron Laughland 03-04-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Countdown To Passover by Dave Jones 03-11-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Gods Love by Ron Laughland 03-18-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Unworthy Mannor by Ron Laughland 04-01-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Wise Wheat Foolish Tare by Ed Tidwell 04-08-2017 DOWNLOAD

Coming Out Of Egypt Through Education by Ron Laughland (FDULB) 04-11-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Unleavened Bread- A Time Of Change by Dave Jones 04-15-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Perfect Law by Dave Jones 04-22-2017 DOWNLOAD

First Fruits by Ron Laughland 04-29-2017 DOWNLOAD

The Only Day Of Salvation by Ron Laughland 05-13-2017 DOWNLOAD

The Only Day Of Salvation part 2 by Ron Laughland 05-27-2017 DOWNLOAD

A Lost Art by Danny Howard 05-20-2017 DOWNLOAD

All In One Accord by Dave Jones 06-03-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Jews Messiah by Ed Tidwell (Pentecost split sermon) DOWNLOAD 

Pentecost Gifts by Ron Laughland (Pentecost split Sermon) 06-04-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Israel In Prophecy by Ron Laughland 06-10-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Mark Of The Beast by Dave Jones 06-17-2017 DOWNLOAD

Prophecy And The Trunk Of The Tree by Ron Laughland (pre-recorded 12-08-2012) DOWNLOAD

The Basis Of The Church by Ron Laughland 07-01-2017 DOWNLOAD

Follow God by Dave Jones 07-08-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Man by Dave Jones (split sermon) 07-15-2017 DOWNLOAD

Hope by Ron Laughland 07-22-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Live Long And Prosper by Dave Jones 07-29-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Satans Twiggs by Ron Laughland 08-05-2017 DOWNLOAD 

A Feast Of Faith by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 08-12-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Balance by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 08-19-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Goal by Ron Laughland 08-26-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Goal-Education by Ron Laughland 09-02-2017 DOWNLOAD 

By The Book by Dave Jones 09-09-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Jericho's Amazing Paralell by Ed Tidwell 09-16-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Christ Is Coming by Ron Laughland (Trumpets) 09-21-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Enemy 09-23-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Atonement by Dave Jones (Atonement) 09-30-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Wonderful World Tomorrow by Ron Laughland (FOT 1st day) 10-05-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Feast Of Tabernacles 1978 by Herbert W. Armstrong (FOT 1st day afternoon service) 10-05-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The First 100 days by Danny Howard (FOT 2nd day split sermon) 10-06-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Marriage by Ron Laughland (FOT 3rd day) 10-07-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Restoration Of All Things by Dave Jones (FOT 4th day) 10-08-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Friendly by Ron Laughland (FOT 5th day) 10-09-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Leadership In Tomorrows World (FOT 6th day) 10-10-2017 DOWNLOAD 

6570 Day Prophecy by Ed Tidwell (FOT 7th day) 10-11-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Last Great Day by Ron Laughland (LGD) 10-12-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Last Great Day by Herbert W. Armstrong 1978 (LGD afternoon service) 10-12-2017 DOWNLOAD

We Must Have Faith by Dave Jones 10-21-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Thy Faith by Dave Jones 10-28-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Why Are We Attacked by Ron Laughland 11-04-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Spiritual Love by Ron Laughland 11-11-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Mystery Of The Church by Dave Jones 11-18-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Couseling by Ron Laughland 11-25-2017 DOWNLOAD

Waning Spirit by Ron Laughland 12-02-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Sabbaths by Dave Jones (split sermon) 12-09-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Answered Prayer by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 12-16-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Two Witnesses part 2 by Ron Laughland 12-23-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Saul's Example-A Lesson For Us All by Dave Jones 12-30-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Apostasy by Ron Laughland 01-06-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Whole Family of God by Dave Jones 01-13-2018 DOWNLOAD

What Do You Believe by Tony Styer 01-20-2018 DOWNLOAD

Education by Ron Laughland 01-27-2018 DOWNLOAD

Overcoming Sin by Ron Laughland 02-03-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Eating And Drinking Damnation by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 02-10-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Becoming A New Lump by Dave Jones 02-17-2018 DOWNLOAD

Faith by Ron Laughland 02-24-2018 DOWNLOAD 

The Big Ten by Ron Laughland 03-03-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Now I Know by Ed Tidwell 03-10-2018 DOWNLOAD

That They All May Be One by Dave Jones 03-17-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Doctrinal Poison by Ron Laughland 03-24-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Staying Close To God by Ron Laughland (DULB 1st day) 03-31-2018 DOWNLOAD

The Vision by Ron Laughland (LDULB) 04-06-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Hey Jude by Ed Tidwell 04-07-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Our Journey To The Kingdom by Dave Jones (split sermon) 04-14-2018 DOWNLOAD  

Answered Prayer part 1 by Ron Laughland 04-21-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Answered Prayer part 2 by Ron Laughland 05-05-2018 DOWNLOAD

Love Not Hate by Dave Jones 04-28-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Hope For Today, Hope For Tomorrow by Danny Howard (split sermon) 05-12-2018 DOWNLOAD

Some Thoughts About Pentecost by Dave Jones 05-19-2018 DOWNLOAD 

God Said by Ron Laughland (Pentecost) 05-20-2018 DOWNLOAD 

God Said part 2 by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 05-26-2018 DOWNLOAD 

God Said part 3 by Ron Laughland 06-02-2018 DOWNLOAD 

The Fruit Of The Spirit by Dave Jones 06-09-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Hiding In Plain Sight by Ed Tidwell 06-16-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Glorify God by Ron Laughland 06-23-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Why Called by Dave Jones 06-30-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Friends by Ron Laughland 07-07-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Have We Lost Focus 07-14-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Faith From God by Ron Laughland 07-21-2018 DOWNLOAD 

The Lord Is My Helper by Dave Jones (split sermon) 07-28-2018 DOWNLOAD

The Beast by Ron Laughland 08-04-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Choices by Ron Laughland 08-11-2018 DOWNLOAD 

A Memorial Of Blowing Of Trumpets by Dave Jones 08-18-2018 DOWNLOAD

The Way Of The World by Ron Laughland 08-25-2018 DOWNLOAD

The Warning Trumpet by Ron Laughland 09-01-2018 DOWNLOAD

Can You leave It Behind by Ed Tidwell 09-08-2018 DOWNLOAD

The Feast Of Trumpets by Ron Laughland (Feast Of Trumpets) 09-10-2018 DOWNLOAD   

Suffering by Danny Howard 09-15-2018 DOWNLOAD

Atonement by Dave Jones (Atonement) 09-19-2018 DOWNLOAD

A Kingdom Of Priests by Ron Laughland (FOT 1st day) 09-24-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Godly Fear And Gods Feasts Days by Steve Vaughn (FOT 2nd day) 09-25-2018 DOWNLOAD

The World Tomorrow by Dave Jones (FOT 3rd day) 09-26-2018 DOWNLOAD

Family by Ron Laughland (FOT 4th day) 09-27-2018 DOWNLOAD

Hope In The Children by Danny Howard (FOT 5th day) 09-28-2018 DOWNLOAD

The History Of The True Church by Herbert W. Armstrong (Behind the work 1983) (FOT 6th day) 09-29-2018

The Tree Of Life by Dave Jones (FOT 7th day) 09-30-2018 DOWNLOAD

The Last Great Day by Ron Laughland (LGD) 10-01-2018 DOWNLOAD

Sheep, Shepherds And Rustlers by Ron Laughland 10-06-2018 DOWNLOAD

Dress And Keep by Dave Jones 10-13-2018 DOWNLOAD

Tie Your Shoes by Danny Howard 10-20-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Knowledge by Ron Laughland 11-03-2018 DOWNLOAD

Give Thanks by Dave Jones 11-10-2018 DOWNLOAD

Sleeping Beauty by Ron Laughland 11-17-2018 DOWNLOAD

I Lived It by Danny Howard 11-24-2018 DOWNLOAD

Lost In The Desert by Ron Laughland 12-01-2018 DOWNLOAD

The United States Of Europe by Steve Vaughn 12-08-2018 DOWNLOAD

Temperance By Dave Jones 12-15-2018 DOWNLOAD

The Purpose Of The Church Now by Ron Laughland 12-22-2018 DOWNLOAD

Freedom By Danny Howard 12-29-2018 DOWNLOAD

The Reasons We Keep The Sabbath by Ron Laughland 01-05-2019 DOWNLOAD

Conversion by Dave Jones 01-12-2019 DOWNLOAD

Go And Do Likewise by Ron Laughland 01-19-2019 DOWNLOAD

My Peace by Dave Jones (split sermon) 01-26-2019 DOWNLOAD

Growing Faith by Ron Laughland 02-02-2019 DOWNLOAD

Gods Authority by Dave Jones 02-09-2019 DOWNLOAD

A Book Of Hope by Ron Laughland 02-16-2019 DOWNLOAD

Parenting 2019 by Danny Howard 02-23-2019 DOWNLOAD

How To become A Saint by Ron Laughland 03-02-2019 DOWNLOAD

The Passover Is Coming by Dave Jones 03-09-2019 DOWNLOAD

The Feasts Of God by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 03-16-2019 DOWNLOAD



Beware Of Spiritual Poisoning by Dave Jones 01-03-2015 DOWNLOAD

Emotional Maturity by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 01-10-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Repentance And Faith by Stephen Breault (split sermon) 01-17-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Candidates For Disposal by Sonny Shannon 01-24-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Christ's miracles by Ed Tidwell 01-31-2015 DOWNLOAD

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda by Stephen Breault 02-07-2015 DOWNLOAD 

A Rose Is A Rose by Ed Tidwell 02-14-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Renewing Our Marriage Covenant by Dave Jones 02-21-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Baptism And The Laying Of Hands by Stephen Breault (split sermon) 02-28-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Do You See What I See by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 03-07-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Resurrection And Eternal Judgment by Stephen Breault 03-14-2015 DOWNLOAD

The Physical And Spiritual Act Of De-Leavening by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 03-21-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Wave Sheaf by Dave Jones 03-28-2015 DOWNLOAD

An Unleavened Offering by Dave Jones FDULB 04-04-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Do Not Turn Back by Dave Jones LDULB 04-10-2015 DOWNLOAD 

On To The 3rd Step by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 04-11-2015 DOWNLOAD  

Judging by Dave Jones 04-18-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Sin by Tony Styer 04-25-2015 DOWNLOAD 

 Clean And Unclean by Steve Vaughn 05-02-2015 DOWNLOAD

The Temple Of The Holy Spirit by Stephen Breault 05-09-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Pentecost; Past, Present, And Future by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 05-23-2015 DOWNLOAD

The Fruit Of The Spirit by Dave Jones (Pentecost) 05-24-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Light Of The World by Dave Jones 07-04-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Priests And Kings by Stephen Breault 07-11-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Nimrod Connection part 1 by Steve Vaughn 07-18-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Nimrod Connection part 2 by Steve Vaughn 08-15-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Nimrod Connection part 3 by Steve Vaughn 09-12-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Nimrod Connection part 4 by Steve Vaughn 11-14-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Watch Your p's and q's by Ed Tidwell 08-01-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Satan Is Not A Millennial Lion by Dave Jones 08-08-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Rewards by Dave Jones (split sermon) 08-22-2015 DOWNLOAD 

I Am Woman by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 08-29-2015 DOWNLOAD  

A Crowning Achievement by Dave Jones 09-05-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Trumpets Will Sound by Dave Jones (Trumpets) 09-14-2015 DOWNLOAD 

A Real Peace Plan by Steve Vaughn 09-19-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Two Goats by Dave Jones (Atonement) 09-23-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Why We Keep The Feast by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 09-26-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Offeratory Sermonette by Steve Vaughn (FOT 1st day) 09-28-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Rain? Or Not by Ed Tidwell (FOT 2nd day) 09-29-2015 DOWNLOAD

Plowshares And Pruning Hooks by Stephen Breault (FOT 3rd day split sermon) 09-30-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Poor You Have With You Always by Ed Tidwell (FOT 4th day split sermon) 10-01-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Turn Unto A People Of Pure Language by Stephen Breault (FOT 5th day) 10-02-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Holy City by Ed Tidwell (FOT 6th day) 10-03-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Restoration Of All Things by Stephen Breault (FOT 7th day) 10-04-2015 DOWNLOAD  

The Sleeping Church by Dave Jones 10-17-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Offertory Sermonette by Steve Vaughn (The Last Great Day) 10-05-2015 DOWNLOAD

Martyrdom by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 10-24-2015 DOWNLOAD 

O How I Love Thy Law by Dave Jones 10-31-2015 DOWNLOAD

How Deeply Are We Converted by Dave Jones 11-07-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Body Of Christ by Dave Jones (split sermon)  11-28-2015 DOWNLOAD

You Have To Have A Plan by Dave Jones 12-05-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Trials by Ron Laughland 12-12-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Given Time To Change by Tony Styer 12-19-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Word by Dave Jones (split sermon) 12-26-2015 DOWNLOAD  

The Great Commandment by Dave Jones 01-02-2016 DOWNLOAD

Godly Confidence by Dave Jones 01-09-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Patient Endurance by Dave Jones 01-16-2016 DOWNLOAD  

Walk In The Way by Steve Vaughn (split sermon) 01-23-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Prove All Things by Dave Jones 01-30-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Family by Dave Jones 02-06-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Prayer Of Faith by Dave Jones 02-20-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Government by Danny Howard 02-27-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Servants Of God; A Family Work by Dave Jones 03-05-2016 DOWNLOAD 

A New Start by Dave Jones 03-12-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Become As Little Children by Danny Howard 03-19-2016 DOWNLOAD 

A Penny For Your Thoughts by Dave Jones 03-26-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Foot Washing by Dave Jones 04-02-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Something To Think About by Danny Howard 04-09-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Forgiveness by Dave Jones 04-16-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Perfect Offering by Dave Jones (1st DULB) 04-23-2016 DOWNLOAD 

A Good Attitude by Danny Howard (LDULB) 04-29-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Rivers Of Living Water by Dave Jones (split sermon) 04-30-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Harvest Has Begun by Dave Jones 05-07-2016 DOWNLOAD

Your Word by Danny Howard 05-14-2016 

I've Been Watching You by Dave Jones 05-21-2016 DOWNLOAD

Receive The Spirit by Dave Jones (split sermon) 05-28-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Two Wave Loafs by Dave Jones 06-04-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Fruit Of The Spirit by Danny Howard 06-11-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Gifts by Dave Jones (offertory sermonette) Pentecost 06-12-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Miracle Grow by Dave Jones 06-18-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Tomorrow by Danny Howard 06-25-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Money...Good Or Evil by Dave Jones 07-02-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Why So Many Church's by Dave Jones 07-09-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Baptism by Danny Howard 07-16-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Second Great Commandment by Dave Jones 07-23-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Our Deceitful Heart by Danny Howard (split sermon) 07-30-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Can God Help You by Dave Jones 08-06-2016 DOWNLOAD 

When It's Not Your Fault by Danny Howard 08-13-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Don't Be A Grump by Dave Jones 08-20-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Feasts Of God by Dave Jones 08-27-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Pray That You May Be Counted Worthy by Dave Jones 09-03-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Polar Opposites by Danny Howard 09-10-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Gods Festivals by Dave Jones 09-17-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Onward Christian Soldiers by Dave Jones 09-24-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Be Ready by Dave Jones 10-01-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Investing In The Kingdom by Dave Jones (Trumpets) 10-03-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Day Of Atonement by Dave Jones (pre-recorded 2011) 10-08-2016 DOWNLOAD

Afflict Your Souls by Dave Jones (Atonement) 10-12-2016 DOWNLOAD

The Big Picture part 1 by Steve Vaughn 10-15-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Building The Tabernacle by Dave Jones (Tabernacles 1st day) 10-17-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Boot Camp by Vince Lowhorn (Tabernacles 2nd day) 10-18-2016 DOWNLOAD

The Big Picture part 2 by Steve Vaughn (Tabernacles 3rd day) 10-19-2016 DOWNLOAD

The Family In The World Tomorrow (Tabernacles 4th day) 10-20-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Voting by Steve Vaughn (Tabernacles 5th day) 10-21-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Human Reasoning vs The Mind Of God (Tabernacles 6th day) 10-22-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Doing Gods Will by Steve Vaughn (Tabernacles 7th day) 10-23-2016 DOWNLOAD

Our Reservation by Dave Jones (LGD) 10-24-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Rainbow Deception by Danny Howard 10-29-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Completing The Cycle by Ed Tidwell (previously recorded) 11-05-2016 DOWNLOAD 

You Raise Me Up by Dave Jones 11-12-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Fellowship by Dave Jones (previously recorded) 11-19-2016 DOWNLOAD 

A Thankful Heart by Dave Jones 11-26-2016 DOWNLOAD 

My Fathers Eyes by Dave Jones 12-03-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Acts Chap.4 Verse 13 by Danny Howard 12-10-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Liar, Liar by Ed Tidwell 12-17-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Christmas-Christ The Missing Peace by Dave Jones 12-24-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Tail Of Three Squirrels by Tonly Styer 12-31-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Marriage Covenant by Dave Jones 01-07-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Judgment Day Is Coming by Dave Jones 01-14-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Triumphant Return Of Jesus Christ by Danny Howard (split sermon) 01-21-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Friendship by Danny Howard 01-28-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Never Give In by Vince Lowhorn 02-04-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Be My Valentine by Ed Tidwell 02-11-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Zeal by Dave Jones (split sermon) 02-18-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Back To Basics by Danny Howard 02-25-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Fake News by Dave Jones 03-04-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Its In There by Vince Lowhorn 03-11-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Here Comes The Tax Man by Ed Tidwell 03-18-2017 DOWNLOAD

Dont Believe Me by Danny Howard 03-25-2017 DOWNLOAD

Night To Be Much Observed by Dave Jones 04-01-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Truth Or Fake Truth by Steve Vaughn 4-08-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Wave Sheaf Offering by Dave Jones (FDULB) 04-11-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Practice Makes Perfect by Vince Lowhorn 04-15-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Timing Is Everything-The Resurrections by Ed Tidwell 04-22-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Judge Not by Danny Howard 04-29-2017 DOWNLOAD

Intro To HWA Last Message by Dave Jones 05-06-2017 DOWNLOAD

Baptism Of The Holy Ghost And Fire by Dave Jones 05-13-2017 DOWNLOAD 

How To Keep The Sabbath's by Dave Jones 05-20-2017 DOWNLOAD 

There Really Is A Spirit World by Ed Tidwell 05-27-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Spirit by Danny Howard 06-03-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Wheat Or Tares by Steve Vaughn 06-10-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Terrorism by Vince Lowhorn 06-17-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Honoring God On His Fathers Day by Ed Tidwell 06-24-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Thy Kingdom Come by Dave Jones 07-01-2017 DOWNLOAD

Could You Give Up by Danny Howard 07-08-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Who Are The Holy People by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 07-15-2017 DOWNLOAD  

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Is The Feast Of Tabernacles Really Important by Steve Vaughn (FOT 4th day) 10-08-2017 DOWNLOAD 

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What Is A Fig Good For by Ed Tidwell (FOT 7th day) 10-11-2017 DOWNLOAD 

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What Now? by Steve Vaughn 10-28-2017 DOWNLOAD 

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Family by Danny Howard (split sermon) 12-16-2017 DOWNLOAD 

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The Future by Ron Laughland 06-09-2018 DOWNLOAD 

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Is All Sin The Same by Danny Howard 06-23-2018 DOWNLOAD 

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Beyond The Dont's, Words To Live By by Danny Howard (split sermon) 07-28-2018 DOWNLOAD 

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Gods True Church; Salvation by Steve Vaughn 08-11-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Quality Assurance by Danny Howard 08-18-2018 DOWNLOAD

Golden Wheat by Jeff Henry 08-25-2018 DOWNLOAD

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Does The Law Still Apply Today by Mike Knott 09-08-2018 DOWNLOAD

We Shall All Be Changed by Dave Jones (Feast Of Tabernacles) 09-10-2018 DOWNLOAD

At One Forever by Jeff Henry 09-15-2018 DOWNLOAD

A Time Will Come by Steve Vaughn (Atonement) 09-19-2018 DOWNLOAD

Make A Joyful Noise by Mike Knott 09-22-2018 DOWNLOAD

Why Are We Here by Dave Jones (FOT 1st day) 09-24-2018 DOWNLOAD

Celebrate by Jeff Henry (FOT 2nd day) 09-25-2018 DOWNLOAD

How Great Thou Art by Vince Lowhorn(FOT 3rd day) 09-26-2018 DOWNLOAD

The Holy City by Ed Tidwell (FOT 4th day pre-recorded 2015) Download location is toward top of listing

Curahee by Steve Vaughn (FOT 5th day pre-recorded 2014) 09-28-2018 DOWNLOAD

Ready Or Not by Vince Lowhorn (FOT 6th day) 09-29-2018 DOWNLOAD

Who Can But Prophesy by Jeff Henry (FOT 7th day) 09-30-2018 DOWNLOAD

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A Strong Hand From Somewhere by Dave Jones 10-06-2018 DOWNLOAD

Gospel Reset by Ron Laughland 10-13-2018 DOWNLOAD

Stick To The Root by Ron Laughland 10-20-2018 DOWNLOAD

A Home For Saints by Dave Jones 10-27-2018 DOWNLOAD

About My Fathers Business by Dave Jones 11-03-2018 (pre-recorded 2013) DOWNLOAD

Applying Wisdom by Vince Lowhorn 11-10-2018 DOWNLOAD

KoolAid Or Water by Mike Knott 11-17-2018 DOWNLOAD

Watch by Jeff Henry 11-24-2018 DOWNLOAD

Blessed Are The Peacemakers by Dave Jones 12-01-2018 DOWNLOAD

When We Finnish by Sonny Shannon 12-08-2018 DOWNLOAD

Government By The People by Vince Lowhorn 12-15-2018 DOWNLOAD

The Healthy Body Of Christ by Mike Knott 12-22-2018 DOWNLOAD

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Joseph by Vince Lowhorn 01-12-2019 DOWNLOAD

In Our Image by Mike Knott 01-19-2019 DOWNLOAD

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Sons Of Fresh Oil by Sonny Shannon 02-16-2019 DOWNLOAD

Its In There by Vince Lowhorn 02-23-2019 (recorded 03-11-2017 download link is above)

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Why Is The Jews Passover Different by Sonny Shannon (split sermon) 03-16-2019 DOWNLOAD

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You Choose 09-15-2015 DOWNLOAD 

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Our Covenant 10-29-2015 DOWNLOAD 

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Character 07-18-2016 DOWNLOAD 

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Christianity 08-29-2016 DOWNLOAD 

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 05-02-2018 DOWNLOAD

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