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Pastor Ronald W. Laughland

Previously Recorded Audio Archive

*This archive contains the messages given at church services and holy days, there are also radio broadcast and bible study recordings. To download just click on "DOWNLOAD" Please report any broken links. These recordings are listed from older to newer. For recorded messages that are more recent please click HERE




A helping Hand; Words Without Action Is Dead Religion 01-03-2015 DOWNLOAD  

Servants Of God by Dave Jones (split sermon) 01-10-2015 DOWNLOAD  

The End Time by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 01-17-2015 DOWNLOAD  

Why The Greatest by Tony Styer 01-14-2015 DOWNLOAD  

Remember The Sabbath by Dave Jones 01-31-2015 DOWNLOAD  

Marriage by Ron Laughland 02-07-2015 DOWNLOAD  

We Are Special by Ron Laughland 02-14-2015 DOWNLOAD  

Faith Now by Ron Laughland 02-21-2015 DOWNLOAD 

God Our Healer by Dave Jones (split sermon) 02-28-2015 DOWNLOAD

The Practice Of Evil by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 03-07-2015 DOWNLOAD 

We Are Special by Ron Laughland 03-14-2015 DOWNLOAD 

A Sacrifice Of Love by Dave Jones (split sermon) 03-21-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Prophet Of Love by Ron Laughland 03-28-2015 DOWNLOAD

The Journey by Ron Laughland FDULB 04-04-2015 DOWNLOAD

Between A Rock In A Hard Place by Ron Laughland LDULB 04-10-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Teachers, Ambassadors, Kings, And Priests by Stephen Breault (split sermon) 04-11-2015 DOWNLOAD

Understanding Prophecy part 1 by Ron Laughland 04-18-2015 DOWNLOAD

Understanding Prophecy part 2 by Ron Laughland 04-25-2015 DOWNLOAD 

 The Right Time by Ron Laughland 05-02-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Pentecost Is Coming by Dave Jones 05-09-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Difference Gods Holy Spirit Makes by Stephen Breault (split sermon) 05-23-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Power by Ron Laughland (Pentecost) 05-24-2015 DOWNLOAD

How To Split A Church by Ron Laughland 05-30-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Never Give Up The Race To The Kingdom Of God by Dave Jones 06-13-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Man vs Woman by Ron Laughland 06-27-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Mark Of The Beast by Ron Laughland 07-04-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Mark Of The Beast part 3 by Ron Laughland 10-31-2015 DOWNLOAD

Your Secret Is Safe With Me by Ed Tidwell 07-11-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Are We Awake by Ron Laughland 07-18-2015 DOWNLOAD 

What Shall We Do by Dave Jones 07-25-2015 DOWNLOAD

The Leadership Of Peter by Ron Laughland 08-01-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Why Are You Really Here by Ron Laughland 08-08-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Ready Or Not The King Is Coming by Dave Jones 08-15-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Open Your Eyes by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 08-22-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Overview Of Gods Holy Days by Stephen Breault (split sermon) 08-29-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Majoring In The Minors by Ron Laughland 09-05-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Kingdom Of God by Ron Laughland 09-12-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Warning Trumpets by Ron Laughland (Trumpets) 09-14-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Atonement by Dave Jones 09-19-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Servant Leadership by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 09-26-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Conduct At The Feast by Ron Laughland (FOT 1st day) 09-28-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Family by Ron Laughland (FOT 2nd day) 09-29-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Feast Of Ingathering by Dave Jones (FOT 3rd day split sermon) 09-30-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Leadership In The Kingdom by Ron Laughland (FOT 4th day split sermon) 10-01-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Tabernacles To Mansions by Dave Jones (FOT 5th day) 10-02-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Mind Of God by Ron Laughland (FOT 6th day) 10-03-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Born To Rule by Dave Jones (FOT 7th day) 10-04-2015 DOWNLOAD  

The Last Great Day by Ron Laughland (The Last Great Day) 10-05-2015 DOWNLOAD

A Sloppy World by Ron Laughland 10-17-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Remembering The Restored Truths by Stephen Breault (split sermon) 10-24-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Maturing by Ron Laughland 11-07-2015  DOWNLOAD 

If You Had Known by Ron Laughland 11-28-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Gifts Of The Spirit by Ron Laughland 12-05-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Faith by Dave Jones 12-12-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Family Of God by Ron Laughland 12-19-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The End Of The Church Era by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 12-26-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Government by Ron Laughland 01-02-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Don't Be Afraid by Ron Laughland 01-09-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Pray For One Another by Ron Laughland 01-06-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Choices Do Matter by Dave Jones (split sermon) 01-23-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Chaos by Ron Laughland 01-30-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Why Are We Here by Ron Laughland 02-06-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Contrite Heart by Ron Laughland 02-13-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Understanding The Covenants part 1 by Ron Laughland 02-20-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Attributes Of God by Dave Jones 02-27-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Gods Plan by Ron Laughland 03-05-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Passover Basics by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 03-12-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Why Are We Here by Ron Laughland 03-19-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Passover vs Easter by Ron Laughland 03-26-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Resurrection by Ron Laughland 04-02-2016 DOWNLOAD 

When Out Of Egypt Israel Went by Dave Jones 04-09-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Hatred by Ron Laughland 04-16-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Just What Is Leavening by Ron Laughland (1st DULB) 04-23-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Only By Gods Power by Ron Laughland (LDULB) 04-29-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Power Of God by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 04-30-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Building Strength by Ron Laughland 05-07-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Trust In The Lord by Dave Jones 05-14-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Chaos In America by Ron Laughland 05-21-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Chaos In America part 2 by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 05-28-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Chaos In America part 3 by Ron Laughland 06-04-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Metamorphosis; Our Change by Dave Jones 6-11-2016 DOWNLOAD

The Mind Of God by Ron Laughland 06-18-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Purpose Of The Church by Ron Laughland 06-25-2016 DOWNLOAD

Reaching Out In Love by Ron Laughland 07-02-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Character by Ron Laughland 07-09-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Do Not Be Conformed To The World by Dave Jones 07-16-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Gods Attitude by Ron Laughland 07-23-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Danger At The End Time by Ron Laughland 07-30-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Is The Bible True by Ron Laughland 08-06-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Agape Love by Dave Jones 08-13-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Ambassador College by Ron Laughland 08-20-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Dude, Why Are You Here? by Danny Howard 08-27-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Are You A Christian by Ron Laughland 09-03-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Draw Near To God by Dave Jones 09-10-2016 DOWNLOAD

Prophecy by Ron Laughland 09-17-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Birth Of A Family by Ron Laughland 09-24-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Prepare For Trumpets by Ron Laughland 10-01-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Trumpet Will Sound by Ron Laughland (Trumpets) 10-03-2016 DOWNLOAD 

To See Or Not To See by Danny Howard 10-08-2016 DOWNLOAD

Atonement by Ron Laughland (Atonement) 10-12-2016 DOWNLOAD

Does God Care What We Do by Ron Laughland 10-15-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Unity by Ron Laughland (Tabernacles 1st day) 10-17-2016 DOWNLOAD  

Leadership In The World Tomorrow by Dave Jones (Tabernacles 2nd day) 10-18-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Leadership by Danny Howard (Tabernacles 3rd day) 10-19-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Tabernacle by Ron Laughland (Tabernacles 4th day) 10-20-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Righteous Standard by Dave Jones (Tabernacles 5th day) 10-21-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Physical Temple by Ron Laughland (Tabernacles 6th day) 10-22-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Build A Miniature Kingdom Of God by Danny Howard (Tabernacles 7th day) 10-23-2016 Download 

Visualization by Ron Laughland (LGD) 10-24-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Onward Christian Soldiers by Dave Jones 10-29-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Me Be Deceived? Never.. by Dave Jones 11-05-2016 DOWNLOAD  

The Hearts Of The Fathers And The Children by Danny Howard 11-12-2016 DOWNLOAD

The Two Witnesses part 1 by Ron Laughland 11-19-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Miracles by Ron Laughland 12-03-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Positive Or Negative by Dave Jones 12-10-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Decisions, Decisions by Ron Laughland 12-17-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The God Of This Age by Ron Laughland 12-24-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Dont Make The Worst Mistake Of Your Life by Dave Jones 12-31-2016 DOWNLOAD

The Prophet by Ron Laughland 01-14-2017 DOWNLOAD

The Prophet part 2 by Ron Laughland  01-28-2017 DOWNLOAD

Forgive And Forget... Or Do We? by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 01-21-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Keep Your Eyes On God by Dave Jones 02-04-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Preparing For The Feasts by Ron Laughland 02-11-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Legacy Of HWA by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 02-18-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Good Health; Its Your Responsibility by Ed Tidwell 02-25-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Know That You Know by Ron Laughland 03-04-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Countdown To Passover by Dave Jones 03-11-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Gods Love by Ron Laughland 03-18-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Unworthy Mannor by Ron Laughland 04-01-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Wise Wheat Foolish Tare by Ed Tidwell 04-08-2017 DOWNLOAD

Coming Out Of Egypt Through Education by Ron Laughland (FDULB) 04-11-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Unleavened Bread- A Time Of Change by Dave Jones 04-15-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Perfect Law by Dave Jones 04-22-2017 DOWNLOAD

First Fruits by Ron Laughland 04-29-2017 DOWNLOAD

The Only Day Of Salvation by Ron Laughland 05-13-2017 DOWNLOAD

The Only Day Of Salvation part 2 by Ron Laughland 05-27-2017 DOWNLOAD

A Lost Art by Danny Howard 05-20-2017 DOWNLOAD

All In One Accord by Dave Jones 06-03-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Jews Messiah by Ed Tidwell (Pentecost split sermon) DOWNLOAD 

Pentecost Gifts by Ron Laughland (Pentecost split Sermon) 06-04-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Israel In Prophecy by Ron Laughland 06-10-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Mark Of The Beast by Dave Jones 06-17-2017 DOWNLOAD

Prophecy And The Trunk Of The Tree by Ron Laughland (pre-recorded 12-08-2012) DOWNLOAD

The Basis Of The Church by Ron Laughland 07-01-2017 DOWNLOAD

Follow God by Dave Jones 07-08-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Man by Dave Jones (split sermon) 07-15-2017 DOWNLOAD

Hope by Ron Laughland 07-22-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Live Long And Prosper by Dave Jones 07-29-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Satans Twiggs by Ron Laughland 08-05-2017 DOWNLOAD 

A Feast Of Faith by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 08-12-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Balance by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 08-19-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Goal by Ron Laughland 08-26-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Goal-Education by Ron Laughland 09-02-2017 DOWNLOAD 

By The Book by Dave Jones 09-09-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Jericho's Amazing Paralell by Ed Tidwell 09-16-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Christ Is Coming by Ron Laughland (Trumpets) 09-21-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Enemy 09-23-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Atonement by Dave Jones (Atonement) 09-30-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Wonderful World Tomorrow by Ron Laughland (FOT 1st day) 10-05-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Feast Of Tabernacles 1978 by Herbert W. Armstrong (FOT 1st day afternoon service) 10-05-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The First 100 days by Danny Howard (FOT 2nd day split sermon) 10-06-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Marriage by Ron Laughland (FOT 3rd day) 10-07-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Restoration Of All Things by Dave Jones (FOT 4th day) 10-08-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Friendly by Ron Laughland (FOT 5th day) 10-09-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Leadership In Tomorrows World (FOT 6th day) 10-10-2017 DOWNLOAD 

6570 Day Prophecy by Ed Tidwell (FOT 7th day) 10-11-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Last Great Day by Ron Laughland (LGD) 10-12-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Last Great Day by Herbert W. Armstrong 1978 (LGD afternoon service) 10-12-2017 DOWNLOAD

We Must Have Faith by Dave Jones 10-21-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Thy Faith by Dave Jones 10-28-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Why Are We Attacked by Ron Laughland 11-04-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Spiritual Love by Ron Laughland 11-11-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Mystery Of The Church by Dave Jones 11-18-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Couseling by Ron Laughland 11-25-2017 DOWNLOAD

Waning Spirit by Ron Laughland 12-02-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Sabbaths by Dave Jones (split sermon) 12-09-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Answered Prayer by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 12-16-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Two Witnesses part 2 by Ron Laughland 12-23-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Saul's Example-A Lesson For Us All by Dave Jones 12-30-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Apostasy by Ron Laughland 01-06-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Whole Family of God by Dave Jones 01-13-2018 DOWNLOAD

What Do You Believe by Tony Styer 01-20-2018 DOWNLOAD

Education by Ron Laughland 01-27-2018 DOWNLOAD

Overcoming Sin by Ron Laughland 02-03-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Eating And Drinking Damnation by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 02-10-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Becoming A New Lump by Dave Jones 02-17-2018 DOWNLOAD

Faith by Ron Laughland 02-24-2018 DOWNLOAD 

The Big Ten by Ron Laughland 03-03-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Now I Know by Ed Tidwell 03-10-2018 DOWNLOAD

That They All May Be One by Dave Jones 03-17-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Doctrinal Poison by Ron Laughland 03-24-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Staying Close To God by Ron Laughland (DULB 1st day) 03-31-2018 DOWNLOAD

The Vision by Ron Laughland (LDULB) 04-06-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Hey Jude by Ed Tidwell 04-07-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Our Journey To The Kingdom by Dave Jones (split sermon) 04-14-2018 DOWNLOAD  

Answered Prayer part 1 by Ron Laughland 04-21-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Answered Prayer part 2 by Ron Laughland 05-05-2018 DOWNLOAD

Love Not Hate by Dave Jones 04-28-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Hope For Today, Hope For Tomorrow by Danny Howard (split sermon) 05-12-2018 DOWNLOAD

Some Thoughts About Pentecost by Dave Jones 05-19-2018 DOWNLOAD 

God Said by Ron Laughland (Pentecost) 05-20-2018 DOWNLOAD 

God Said part 2 by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 05-26-2018 DOWNLOAD 

God Said part 3 by Ron Laughland 06-02-2018 DOWNLOAD 

The Fruit Of The Spirit by Dave Jones 06-09-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Hiding In Plain Sight by Ed Tidwell 06-16-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Glorify God by Ron Laughland 06-23-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Why Called by Dave Jones 06-30-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Friends by Ron Laughland 07-07-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Have We Lost Focus 07-14-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Faith From God by Ron Laughland 07-21-2018 DOWNLOAD 

The Lord Is My Helper by Dave Jones (split sermon) 07-28-2018 DOWNLOAD

The Beast by Ron Laughland 08-04-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Choices by Ron Laughland 08-11-2018 DOWNLOAD 

A Memorial Of Blowing Of Trumpets by Dave Jones 08-18-2018 DOWNLOAD

The Way Of The World by Ron Laughland 08-25-2018 DOWNLOAD

The Warning Trumpet by Ron Laughland 09-01-2018 DOWNLOAD

Can You leave It Behind by Ed Tidwell 09-08-2018 DOWNLOAD

The Feast Of Trumpets by Ron Laughland (Feast Of Trumpets) 09-10-2018 DOWNLOAD   

Suffering by Danny Howard 09-15-2018 DOWNLOAD

Atonement by Dave Jones (Atonement) 09-19-2018 DOWNLOAD

A Kingdom Of Priests by Ron Laughland (FOT 1st day) 09-24-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Godly Fear And Gods Feasts Days by Steve Vaughn (FOT 2nd day) 09-25-2018 DOWNLOAD

The World Tomorrow by Dave Jones (FOT 3rd day) 09-26-2018 DOWNLOAD

Family by Ron Laughland (FOT 4th day) 09-27-2018 DOWNLOAD

Hope In The Children by Danny Howard (FOT 5th day) 09-28-2018 DOWNLOAD

The History Of The True Church by Herbert W. Armstrong (Behind the work 1983) (FOT 6th day) 09-29-2018

The Tree Of Life by Dave Jones (FOT 7th day) 09-30-2018 DOWNLOAD

The Last Great Day by Ron Laughland (LGD) 10-01-2018 DOWNLOAD

Sheep, Shepherds And Rustlers by Ron Laughland 10-06-2018 DOWNLOAD

Dress And Keep by Dave Jones 10-13-2018 DOWNLOAD

Tie Your Shoes by Danny Howard 10-20-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Knowledge by Ron Laughland 11-03-2018 DOWNLOAD

Give Thanks by Dave Jones 11-10-2018 DOWNLOAD

Sleeping Beauty by Ron Laughland 11-17-2018 DOWNLOAD

I Lived It by Danny Howard 11-24-2018 DOWNLOAD

Lost In The Desert by Ron Laughland 12-01-2018 DOWNLOAD

The United States Of Europe by Steve Vaughn 12-08-2018 DOWNLOAD

Temperance By Dave Jones 12-15-2018 DOWNLOAD

The Purpose Of The Church Now by Ron Laughland 12-22-2018 DOWNLOAD

Freedom By Danny Howard 12-29-2018 DOWNLOAD

The Reasons We Keep The Sabbath by Ron Laughland 01-05-2019 DOWNLOAD

Conversion by Dave Jones 01-12-2019 DOWNLOAD

Go And Do Likewise by Ron Laughland 01-19-2019 DOWNLOAD

My Peace by Dave Jones (split sermon) 01-26-2019 DOWNLOAD

Growing Faith by Ron Laughland 02-02-2019 DOWNLOAD

Gods Authority by Dave Jones 02-09-2019 DOWNLOAD

A Book Of Hope by Ron Laughland 02-16-2019 DOWNLOAD

Parenting 2019 by Danny Howard 02-23-2019 DOWNLOAD

How To become A Saint by Ron Laughland 03-02-2019 DOWNLOAD

The Passover Is Coming by Dave Jones 03-09-2019 DOWNLOAD

The Feasts Of God by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 03-16-2019 DOWNLOAD

In His Time by Dave Jones 03-23-2019 DOWNLOAD

Feelings by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 03-30-2019 DOWNLOAD

Passover Timing by Ron Laughland 04-06-2019 (pre-recorded 2014) DOWNLOAD

The Second Adam by Dave Jones 04-13-2019 DOWNLOAD




Beware Of Spiritual Poisoning by Dave Jones 01-03-2015 DOWNLOAD

Emotional Maturity by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 01-10-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Repentance And Faith by Stephen Breault (split sermon) 01-17-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Candidates For Disposal by Sonny Shannon 01-24-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Christ's miracles by Ed Tidwell 01-31-2015 DOWNLOAD

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda by Stephen Breault 02-07-2015 DOWNLOAD 

A Rose Is A Rose by Ed Tidwell 02-14-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Renewing Our Marriage Covenant by Dave Jones 02-21-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Baptism And The Laying Of Hands by Stephen Breault (split sermon) 02-28-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Do You See What I See by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 03-07-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Resurrection And Eternal Judgment by Stephen Breault 03-14-2015 DOWNLOAD

The Physical And Spiritual Act Of De-Leavening by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 03-21-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Wave Sheaf by Dave Jones 03-28-2015 DOWNLOAD

An Unleavened Offering by Dave Jones FDULB 04-04-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Do Not Turn Back by Dave Jones LDULB 04-10-2015 DOWNLOAD 

On To The 3rd Step by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 04-11-2015 DOWNLOAD  

Judging by Dave Jones 04-18-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Sin by Tony Styer 04-25-2015 DOWNLOAD 

 Clean And Unclean by Steve Vaughn 05-02-2015 DOWNLOAD

The Temple Of The Holy Spirit by Stephen Breault 05-09-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Pentecost; Past, Present, And Future by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 05-23-2015 DOWNLOAD

The Fruit Of The Spirit by Dave Jones (Pentecost) 05-24-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Light Of The World by Dave Jones 07-04-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Priests And Kings by Stephen Breault 07-11-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Nimrod Connection part 1 by Steve Vaughn 07-18-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Nimrod Connection part 2 by Steve Vaughn 08-15-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Nimrod Connection part 3 by Steve Vaughn 09-12-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Nimrod Connection part 4 by Steve Vaughn 11-14-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Watch Your p's and q's by Ed Tidwell 08-01-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Satan Is Not A Millennial Lion by Dave Jones 08-08-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Rewards by Dave Jones (split sermon) 08-22-2015 DOWNLOAD 

I Am Woman by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 08-29-2015 DOWNLOAD  

A Crowning Achievement by Dave Jones 09-05-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Trumpets Will Sound by Dave Jones (Trumpets) 09-14-2015 DOWNLOAD 

A Real Peace Plan by Steve Vaughn 09-19-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Two Goats by Dave Jones (Atonement) 09-23-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Why We Keep The Feast by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 09-26-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Offeratory Sermonette by Steve Vaughn (FOT 1st day) 09-28-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Rain? Or Not by Ed Tidwell (FOT 2nd day) 09-29-2015 DOWNLOAD

Plowshares And Pruning Hooks by Stephen Breault (FOT 3rd day split sermon) 09-30-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Poor You Have With You Always by Ed Tidwell (FOT 4th day split sermon) 10-01-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Turn Unto A People Of Pure Language by Stephen Breault (FOT 5th day) 10-02-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Holy City by Ed Tidwell (FOT 6th day) 10-03-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Restoration Of All Things by Stephen Breault (FOT 7th day) 10-04-2015 DOWNLOAD  

The Sleeping Church by Dave Jones 10-17-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Offertory Sermonette by Steve Vaughn (The Last Great Day) 10-05-2015 DOWNLOAD

Martyrdom by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 10-24-2015 DOWNLOAD 

O How I Love Thy Law by Dave Jones 10-31-2015 DOWNLOAD

How Deeply Are We Converted by Dave Jones 11-07-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Body Of Christ by Dave Jones (split sermon)  11-28-2015 DOWNLOAD

You Have To Have A Plan by Dave Jones 12-05-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Trials by Ron Laughland 12-12-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Given Time To Change by Tony Styer 12-19-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Word by Dave Jones (split sermon) 12-26-2015 DOWNLOAD  

The Great Commandment by Dave Jones 01-02-2016 DOWNLOAD

Godly Confidence by Dave Jones 01-09-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Patient Endurance by Dave Jones 01-16-2016 DOWNLOAD  

Walk In The Way by Steve Vaughn (split sermon) 01-23-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Prove All Things by Dave Jones 01-30-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Family by Dave Jones 02-06-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Prayer Of Faith by Dave Jones 02-20-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Government by Danny Howard 02-27-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Servants Of God; A Family Work by Dave Jones 03-05-2016 DOWNLOAD 

A New Start by Dave Jones 03-12-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Become As Little Children by Danny Howard 03-19-2016 DOWNLOAD 

A Penny For Your Thoughts by Dave Jones 03-26-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Foot Washing by Dave Jones 04-02-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Something To Think About by Danny Howard 04-09-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Forgiveness by Dave Jones 04-16-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Perfect Offering by Dave Jones (1st DULB) 04-23-2016 DOWNLOAD 

A Good Attitude by Danny Howard (LDULB) 04-29-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Rivers Of Living Water by Dave Jones (split sermon) 04-30-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Harvest Has Begun by Dave Jones 05-07-2016 DOWNLOAD

Your Word by Danny Howard 05-14-2016 

I've Been Watching You by Dave Jones 05-21-2016 DOWNLOAD

Receive The Spirit by Dave Jones (split sermon) 05-28-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Two Wave Loafs by Dave Jones 06-04-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Fruit Of The Spirit by Danny Howard 06-11-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Gifts by Dave Jones (offertory sermonette) Pentecost 06-12-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Miracle Grow by Dave Jones 06-18-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Tomorrow by Danny Howard 06-25-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Money...Good Or Evil by Dave Jones 07-02-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Why So Many Church's by Dave Jones 07-09-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Baptism by Danny Howard 07-16-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Second Great Commandment by Dave Jones 07-23-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Our Deceitful Heart by Danny Howard (split sermon) 07-30-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Can God Help You by Dave Jones 08-06-2016 DOWNLOAD 

When It's Not Your Fault by Danny Howard 08-13-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Don't Be A Grump by Dave Jones 08-20-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Feasts Of God by Dave Jones 08-27-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Pray That You May Be Counted Worthy by Dave Jones 09-03-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Polar Opposites by Danny Howard 09-10-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Gods Festivals by Dave Jones 09-17-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Onward Christian Soldiers by Dave Jones 09-24-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Be Ready by Dave Jones 10-01-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Investing In The Kingdom by Dave Jones (Trumpets) 10-03-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Day Of Atonement by Dave Jones (pre-recorded 2011) 10-08-2016 DOWNLOAD

Afflict Your Souls by Dave Jones (Atonement) 10-12-2016 DOWNLOAD

The Big Picture part 1 by Steve Vaughn 10-15-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Building The Tabernacle by Dave Jones (Tabernacles 1st day) 10-17-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Boot Camp by Vince Lowhorn (Tabernacles 2nd day) 10-18-2016 DOWNLOAD

The Big Picture part 2 by Steve Vaughn (Tabernacles 3rd day) 10-19-2016 DOWNLOAD

The Family In The World Tomorrow (Tabernacles 4th day) 10-20-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Voting by Steve Vaughn (Tabernacles 5th day) 10-21-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Human Reasoning vs The Mind Of God (Tabernacles 6th day) 10-22-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Doing Gods Will by Steve Vaughn (Tabernacles 7th day) 10-23-2016 DOWNLOAD

Our Reservation by Dave Jones (LGD) 10-24-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Rainbow Deception by Danny Howard 10-29-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Completing The Cycle by Ed Tidwell (previously recorded) 11-05-2016 DOWNLOAD 

You Raise Me Up by Dave Jones 11-12-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Fellowship by Dave Jones (previously recorded) 11-19-2016 DOWNLOAD 

A Thankful Heart by Dave Jones 11-26-2016 DOWNLOAD 

My Fathers Eyes by Dave Jones 12-03-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Acts Chap.4 Verse 13 by Danny Howard 12-10-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Liar, Liar by Ed Tidwell 12-17-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Christmas-Christ The Missing Peace by Dave Jones 12-24-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Tail Of Three Squirrels by Tonly Styer 12-31-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Marriage Covenant by Dave Jones 01-07-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Judgment Day Is Coming by Dave Jones 01-14-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Triumphant Return Of Jesus Christ by Danny Howard (split sermon) 01-21-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Friendship by Danny Howard 01-28-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Never Give In by Vince Lowhorn 02-04-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Be My Valentine by Ed Tidwell 02-11-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Zeal by Dave Jones (split sermon) 02-18-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Back To Basics by Danny Howard 02-25-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Fake News by Dave Jones 03-04-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Its In There by Vince Lowhorn 03-11-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Here Comes The Tax Man by Ed Tidwell 03-18-2017 DOWNLOAD

Dont Believe Me by Danny Howard 03-25-2017 DOWNLOAD

Night To Be Much Observed by Dave Jones 04-01-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Truth Or Fake Truth by Steve Vaughn 4-08-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Wave Sheaf Offering by Dave Jones (FDULB) 04-11-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Practice Makes Perfect by Vince Lowhorn 04-15-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Timing Is Everything-The Resurrections by Ed Tidwell 04-22-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Judge Not by Danny Howard 04-29-2017 DOWNLOAD

Intro To HWA Last Message by Dave Jones 05-06-2017 DOWNLOAD

Baptism Of The Holy Ghost And Fire by Dave Jones 05-13-2017 DOWNLOAD 

How To Keep The Sabbath's by Dave Jones 05-20-2017 DOWNLOAD 

There Really Is A Spirit World by Ed Tidwell 05-27-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Spirit by Danny Howard 06-03-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Wheat Or Tares by Steve Vaughn 06-10-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Terrorism by Vince Lowhorn 06-17-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Honoring God On His Fathers Day by Ed Tidwell 06-24-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Thy Kingdom Come by Dave Jones 07-01-2017 DOWNLOAD

Could You Give Up by Danny Howard 07-08-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Who Are The Holy People by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 07-15-2017 DOWNLOAD  

The Real 300 by Steve Vaughn 07-22-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Why Put Off Tomorrow What You Can Do Today by Vince Lowhorn 07-29-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Harmony by Dave Jones 08-05-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Goals by Danny Howard (split sermon) 08-12-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Two Trees by Dave Jones (split sermon) 08-19-2017 DOWNLOAD

The Narrow Gate by Steve Vaughn 08-26-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The End Of The World by Dave Jones 09-02-2017 DOWNLOAD

Bulldog Tenacity by Steve Vaughn 09-09-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Tough Love by Danny Howard 09-16-2017 DOWNLOAD 

A New World Order Is Coming by Dave Jones (Trumpets) 09-21-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Make No Place For Satan by Vince Lowhorn 09-23-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Fasting by Vince Lowhorn (Atonement) 09-30-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Rejoice by Dave Jones (FOT 1st day) 10-05-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Feast Introduction by Ron Laughland (FOT 1st day afternoon service) 10-05-2017 DOWNLOAD

Wealth From The Land by Ed Tidwell (FOT 2nd day split sermon) 10-06-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Feast Of Booths by Dave Jones (FOT 3rd day) 10-07-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Is The Feast Of Tabernacles Really Important by Steve Vaughn (FOT 4th day) 10-08-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Family In The Kingdom by Vince Lowhorn (FOT 5th day) 10-09-2017 DOWNLOAD

A Feast Of Joy by Steve Vaughn (FOT 6th day) 10-10-2017 DOWNLOAD 

What Is A Fig Good For by Ed Tidwell (FOT 7th day) 10-11-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Free, Free At Last by Dave Jones (LGD) 10-12-2017 DOWNLOAD

1Cor. Chap.13 by Danny Howard 10-21-2017 DOWNLOAD 

What Now? by Steve Vaughn 10-28-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Onward Christian Soldiers by Dave Jones (prerecorded 11-19-2011) DOWNLOAD

Do Good Ole Boys Go To Heaven by Danny Howard 11-11-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Thanksgiving by Vince Lowhorn 11-18-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Becoming Numb by Steve Vaughn 11-25-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Accuser by Ron Laughland 12-02-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Where Are My Glasses by Ed Tidwell (split sermon) 12-09-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Family by Danny Howard (split sermon) 12-16-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Overcoming Discouragment by Vince Lowhorn 12-23-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Gods True Church by Steve Vaughn 12-30-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Put On The Whole Armor Of God by Dave Jones 01-06-2018 DOWNLOAD

If Patience Is A Virtue by Jeff Henry 01-13-2018 DOWNLOAD 

A Bible And A Belt by Danny Howard 01-20-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Developing A Good Attitude by Vince Lowhorn 01-27-2018 DOWNLOAD

Let God Fight Your Battles by Dave Jones 02-03-2018 DOWNLOAD 

A Bible And A Belt part 2 by Danny Howard (split sermon) 02-10-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Gods True Church part 2 by Steve Vaughn 02-17-2018 DOWNLOAD

Know Your Enemy by Vince Lowhorn 02-24-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Your Attitude by Danny Howard 03-03-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Foot Washing by Dave Jones 03-10-2018 DOWNLOAD

Gods True Church part 3 03-17-2018 DOWNLOAD 

After Gods Own Heart by Vince Lowhorn 03-24-2018 DOWNLOAD 

The Days Of Unleavened Bread by Dave Jones (DULB 1st day) 03-31-2018 DOWNLOAD 

The Wave Sheaf by Dave Jones (LDULB) 04-06-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Gods True Church part 4 04-07-2018 DOWNLOAD 

The Two Trees; The Secret To Problem Solving by Danny Howard (split sermon) 04-14-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Pray For The Body by Jeff Henry 04-21-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Mistakes by Vince Lowhorn 04-28-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Marriage Is Wonderful by Dave Jones 05-05-2018 DOWNLOAD 

The Other Spirit Within You by Tony Styer (split sermon) DOWNLOAD 

Growing Pains by Mike Knott 05-19-2018 DOWNLOAD 

The Corner Stone by Dave Jones (Pentecost) DOWNLOAD 

Exposing The Great Lie by Steve Vaughn (split sermon) 05-26-2018 DOWNLOAD 

One Body by Dave Jones 06-02-2018 DOWNLOAD 

The Future by Ron Laughland 06-09-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Fear God by Jeff Henry 06-16-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Is All Sin The Same by Danny Howard 06-23-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Seek First The Kingdom by Dave Jones 07-07-2018 DOWNLOAD 

The Banner Of Truth by Vince Lowhorn 07-21-2018 DOWNLOAD

Beyond The Dont's, Words To Live By by Danny Howard (split sermon) 07-28-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Gods Angels Watching Over Us by Dave Jones 08-04-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Gods True Church; Salvation by Steve Vaughn 08-11-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Quality Assurance by Danny Howard 08-18-2018 DOWNLOAD

Golden Wheat by Jeff Henry 08-25-2018 DOWNLOAD

Christ Returns In Like Manner by Dave Jones 09-01-2018 DOWNLOAD

Does The Law Still Apply Today by Mike Knott 09-08-2018 DOWNLOAD

We Shall All Be Changed by Dave Jones (Feast Of Tabernacles) 09-10-2018 DOWNLOAD

At One Forever by Jeff Henry 09-15-2018 DOWNLOAD

A Time Will Come by Steve Vaughn (Atonement) 09-19-2018 DOWNLOAD

Make A Joyful Noise by Mike Knott 09-22-2018 DOWNLOAD

Why Are We Here by Dave Jones (FOT 1st day) 09-24-2018 DOWNLOAD

Celebrate by Jeff Henry (FOT 2nd day) 09-25-2018 DOWNLOAD

How Great Thou Art by Vince Lowhorn(FOT 3rd day) 09-26-2018 DOWNLOAD

The Holy City by Ed Tidwell (FOT 4th day pre-recorded 2015) Download location is toward top of listing

Curahee by Steve Vaughn (FOT 5th day pre-recorded 2014) 09-28-2018 DOWNLOAD

Ready Or Not by Vince Lowhorn (FOT 6th day) 09-29-2018 DOWNLOAD

Who Can But Prophesy by Jeff Henry (FOT 7th day) 09-30-2018 DOWNLOAD

The State Of The Union by Dave Jones (LGD) 10-01-2018 DOWNLOAD

A Strong Hand From Somewhere by Dave Jones 10-06-2018 DOWNLOAD

Gospel Reset by Ron Laughland 10-13-2018 DOWNLOAD

Stick To The Root by Ron Laughland 10-20-2018 DOWNLOAD

A Home For Saints by Dave Jones 10-27-2018 DOWNLOAD

About My Fathers Business by Dave Jones 11-03-2018 (pre-recorded 2013) DOWNLOAD

Applying Wisdom by Vince Lowhorn 11-10-2018 DOWNLOAD

KoolAid Or Water by Mike Knott 11-17-2018 DOWNLOAD

Watch by Jeff Henry 11-24-2018 DOWNLOAD

Blessed Are The Peacemakers by Dave Jones 12-01-2018 DOWNLOAD

When We Finnish by Sonny Shannon 12-08-2018 DOWNLOAD

Government By The People by Vince Lowhorn 12-15-2018 DOWNLOAD

The Healthy Body Of Christ by Mike Knott 12-22-2018 DOWNLOAD

50/50 part 1 by Jeff Henry 12-29-2018 DOWNLOAD

A Peculiar People by Dave Jones 01-05-2019 DOWNLOAD

Joseph by Vince Lowhorn 01-12-2019 DOWNLOAD

In Our Image by Mike Knott 01-19-2019 DOWNLOAD

Melting Pot by Danny Howard (split sermon) 01-26-2019 DOWNLOAD

Righteous Judgment by Dave Jones 02-02-2019 DOWNLOAD

Sons Of Fresh Oil by Sonny Shannon 02-16-2019 DOWNLOAD

Its In There by Vince Lowhorn 02-23-2019 (recorded 03-11-2017 download link is above)

It Is Finished by Dave Jones 03-02-2019 DOWNLOAD

Are You Worthy by Mike Knott 03-09-2019 DOWNLOAD

Why Is The Jews Passover Different by Sonny Shannon (split sermon) 03-16-2019 DOWNLOAD

Behold by Jeff Henry 03-23-2019 DOWNLOAD

The Heart Of The Matter-Attitude by Danny Howard (split sermon) 03-30-2019 DOWNLOAD

A New Begining by Dave Jones 04-06-2019 DOWNLOAD

Lessons From A Farmer by Vince Lowhorn 04-13-2019 DOWNLOAD


Radio Broadcast


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Christmas part 2 01-03-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Mystery Of The Ages 01-10-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Mystery Of The Ages part 2 01-17-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Book Of Revelation part 1 01-24-2015 DOWNLOAD

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Jesus The Revelator 03-28-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Christ's Return 04-04-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Pentecost Holyday 04-29-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Sabbath 05-05-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Two Trees 05-13-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Two Trees part 2 05-19-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Human Potential 05-26-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Human Potential part 2 06-02-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Covenant 06-09-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Gods Way 06-16-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Message 06-23-2015 DOWNLOAD 

No One Considers 06-26-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Sabbath 06-30-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Your Potential 07-07-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Two Witnesses part 1 07-14-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Two Witnesses part 2 07-21-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Two Witnesses part 3 07-28-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Truth 08-11-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Covenant Of Obedience 08-18-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Covenant part 1 08-25-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Gods Commandments 09-01-2015 DOWNLOAD 

You Choose 09-15-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Atonement 09-22-2015 DOWNLOAD

Words Of The Covenant 10-13-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Our Covenant 10-29-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Esther part 1 11-03-2015 DOWNLOAD

Esther part 2 11-10-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Encouragement 11 17 2015 DOWNLOAD 

Becoming Christ Like 11-23-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Gods Law part 1 11-30-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Matthew 24 12-04-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Matthew 24 part 2 12-08-2015 DOWNLOAD

Matthew 24 part 3 12-11-2015 DOWNLOAD

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Gods Work 12-15-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Bible Study 12-22-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Selfish Church 12-24-2015 DOWNLOAD 

Godly Love 12-29-2015 DOWNLOAD 

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The Greatest Sermon 01-07-2016 DOWNLOAD

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Gods Covenant With Man 01-11-2016 DOWNLOAD

The Sabbath And The covenants 01-15-2015 DOWNLOAD 

The Bible 01-19-2016 DOWNLOAD

Do You Really Believe 01-28-2016 DOWNLOAD

A World Held Captive 02-04-2016 DOWNLOAD 

How To Live 02-09-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Searching For Truth part 2 02-18-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Gods Plan 02-23-2016 DOWNLOAD 

How To Know God 03-01-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Greatest Sermon part 3 03-04-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The New Start 03-15-2016 DOWNLOAD

Easter Refutation 03-17-2016 DOWNLOAD

Deuteronomy Chap.28 03-22-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Revelation Is Salvation  03-29-2016 DOWNLOAD

1John part 1 03-31-2016 DOWNLOAD 

1John part 2 03-07-2016 DOWNLOAD  

1John part 3 03-15-2016 DOWNLOAD 

1John part 4 05-19-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Gods Forgiveness 04-05-2016 DOWNLOAD 

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The Reward Of The Saved 04-19-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Bible Study part 1 04-22-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Bible Study part 2 04-26-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Are We deceived 05-03-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Plain Truth 05-06-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Worldliness 05-12-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Sabbath Of God 05-17-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Mystery Of The Ages 05-23-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Mystery Of The Ages part 2 05-30-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The True Gospel 06-06-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Law And Grace part 1 06-13-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Law And Grace part 2 06-20-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Vanity 06-27-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Understanding Prophecy 07-04-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Living Gods Way 07-11-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Character 07-18-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Gods Plan For Mankind 07-25-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Gods Servants 08-01-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Gods Servants part 2 08-08-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Feasts Of God 08-15-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Fulfilling Your Incredible Human Potential 08-22-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Christianity 08-29-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Resurrection 09-05-2016 DOWNLOAD 

You Must Serve God 09-12-2016 DOWNLOAD 

You Must Serve God part 2 09-19-2016 DOWNLOAD 

A Promise 09-26-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Potential Of Mankind (HWA) 11-01-2016 DOWNLOAD

How To Search For The Truth (HWA) 11-07-2016 DOWNLOAD

Imitate Christ 11-14-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Understanding The Bible 11-24-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Understanding The Bible part 2 12-01-2016 DOWNLOAD 

Pagan Holidays 12-30-2016 DOWNLOAD 

The Sign Of The Messiah 01-02-2017 DOWNLOAD

Blindness 01-16-2017 DOWNLOAD

Advance News 02-02-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Gods Love 02-17-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Purpose Of The Law 03-09-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Sermon On The Mount 03-13-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Satan's Deception 03-24-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Altar 09-01-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Study Your Bible 09-08-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Upcoming Feasts 09-15-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Two Witnesses part 1 09-22-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Two Witnesses part 2 09-29-2017 DOWNLOAD

The Two Witnesses part 3 10-06-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Essential Knowledge Only Known By Revelation 10-12-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Idolotry 10-19-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Gods Holy Days 11-03-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Book Of Daniel Chap.9 11-10-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Book Of Daniel part 2 11-24-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The End Of The Age 11-24-2017 DOWNLOAD

Faith 12-01-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Faith part 2 12-08-2017 DOWNLOAD 

The Origins Of Christmas 12-22-2017 DOWNLOAD

The Mark of The Beast part 1 12-15-2017 DOWNLOAD

The Mark Of The Beast part 2 12-29-2017 DOWNLOAD 

Jesus's Gospel 01-19-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Hades And Gehenna Explained 01-26-2018 DOWNLOAD 

1st Corinthians 02-02-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Believe What Jesus Says 02-24-2018 DOWNLOAD 

The Key 03-03-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Living Gods Way 03-09-2018 DOWNLOAD

Gods Plan 03-30-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Daniel; A Good Example (Dave Jones) 04-20-2018 DOWNLOAD 

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The Sabbath part 3 05-18-2018 DOWNLOAD

Daniel In The Lions Den (Dave Jones) 05-04-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Hezekiah Walked In Truth (Dave Jones) 05-25-2018 DOWNLOAD

A Talking Donkey (Dave Jones) 06-08-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Consider Esther (Dave Jones) 06-22-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Rags To Riches (Dave Jones) 06-29-2018 DOWNLOAD 

How Christ Gave The Church Its Beliefs 07-06-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Samson-A Strong Man (Dave Jones) 08-03-2018  DOWNLOAD

Peter 08-11-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Angels 08-17-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Government 08-24-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Gods Way 09-07-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Jericho 09-14-2018 DOWNLOAD

Ten Points Of A Church 10-19-2018 DOWNLOAD 

Dorcas 10-26-2018 (Dave Jones) DOWNLOAD 

Perilous Times 11-02-2018 DOWNLOAD

Gods Holy Days (pre-recorded 2014) 11-09-2018 DOWNLOAD

Give Thanks (Dave Jones) 11-16-2018 DOWNLOAD

Matthew Chap.24 part 1 11-23-2018 DOWNLOAD

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Fiery Trials  (Dave Jones) 12-01-2018 DOWNLOAD

Christmas 12-21-2018 (2014) DOWNLOAD

Jacobs Deception (Dave Jones) 01-04-2019 DOWNLOAD

Covenant part 1 01-11-2019 DOWNLOAD

Covenant part 2 01-25-2019 DOWNLOAD

Covenant part 3 02-08-2019 DOWNLOAD

Covenant part 4 02-15-2019 DOWNLOAD

Covenant part 5 02-22-2019 DOWNLOAD

Covenant part 6 03-08-2019 DOWNLOAD

Mary Mother Of Jesus (Dave Jones) 01-18-2019 DOWNLOAD

Jonah The Reluctant Prophet (Dave Jones) 03-01-2019 DOWNLOAD

Noah-A Preacher Of Righteousness 03-29-2019 DOWNLOAD

Moses; Servant Of God (Dave Jones) 04-05-2019 DOWNLOAD

The True Church 04-12-2019 DOWNLOAD

Bible Study


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Firstfruits (05-20-2015 DOWNLOAD 

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A Troubled Church (11-04-2015) DOWNLOAD 

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The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ (06-21-2017) DOWNLOAD  

We Must Have Living Faith (10-26-2017) DOWNLOAD

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Galatians part 6 (04-18-2018) DOWNLOAD 

 05-02-2018 DOWNLOAD

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Hebrews part 7 12-12-2018 DOWNLOAD

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Seven Basic Laws 02-06-2019 DOWNLOAD

Jude 02-20-2019 DOWNLOAD

The Life Of Jesus 03-06-2019 DOWNLOAD

Jeremiah part 1 03-20-2019 DOWNLOAD

Gods Holy Days And The Harvests 04-03-2019 DOWNLOAD