Wholeworld Church of God

Pastor Ronald W. Laughland

Previously Recorded Audio Archive

*This archive contains the messages given at church services and holy days, there are also radio broadcast and bible study recordings. These recordings are listed from newer to older. To download just click on "DOWNLOAD" Please report any broken links
(For older recordings dating back to 2015 click HERE)



How To Endure To The End by Ron Laughland 09-21-2019 DOWNLOAD
One Voice by Dave Jones 09-14-2019 DOWNLOAD
The Kingdom Of God by Ron Laughland 09-07-2019 DOWNLOAD
The Second Coming Of Christ by Dave Jones 08-31-2019 DOWNLOAD
One Step At A Time by Ron Laughland 08-24-2019 DOWNLOAD
Jeremiah's Mysterious Commission by Sonny Shannon (split sermon) 08-24-2019 DOWNLOAD
God Is by Dave Jones 08-17-2019 DOWNLOAD
The World Tomorrow part 2 by Ron Laughland 08-10-2019 DOWNLOAD
The World Tomorrow by Ron Laughland (split sermon) 08-03-2019 DOWNLOAD
The Religion Of Judaism part 2 by Steve Vaughn (split sermon) 08-03-2019 DOWNLOAD
Prayer by Dave Jones 07-27-2019 DOWNLOAD
Study Your Bible by Ron Laughland 07-20-2019 DOWNLOAD
Son Light by Dave Jones 07-13-2019 DOWNLOAD
Maturity by Ron Laughland 07-06-2019 DOWNLOAD
Our Calling by Dave Jones 06-29-2019 DOWNLOAD
Stability by Ron Laughland 06-22-2019 DOWNLOAD
A New Heart by Dave Jones 06-15-2019 DOWNLOAD
What Are First fruits by Ron Laughland (Pentecost) 06-09-2019 DOWNLOAD
By Your Boot Straps by Danny Howard 06-08-2019 DOWNLOAD
One Spirit by Ron Laughland 06-01-2019 DOWNLOAD
The Power Of God by Dave Jones 05-25-2019 DOWNLOAD
The World Today by Ron Laughland 05-18-2019 DOWNLOAD
Your Net Worth by Danny Howard (split sermon) 05-11-2019 DOWNLOAD
Faithful Mothers Of The Bible by Sonny Shannon (split sermon) 05-11-2019 DOWNLOAD
Why Pentecost by Ron Laughland 05-04-2019 DOWNLOAD
Journey To The Promised Land by Dave Jones 04-27-2019 DOWNLOAD
Our Powerful God by Ron Laughland (Last DULB) 04-26-2019 DOWNLOAD
Promise Of The Holy Days by Ron Laughland (1st DULB) 04-20-2019 DOWNLOAD



Remember The Sabbaths by Dave Jones 09-21-2019 DOWNLOAD
God The Master Builder  09-14-2019 DOWNLOAD
How Important Is Your Will Power by Johnny Dozier 08-31-2019 DOWNLOAD
Spiritual Growth by Mike Knott 08-17-2019 DOWNLOAD
As We Are Instructed by Jeff Henry 08-10-2019 DOWNLOAD
Jealousy by Jeff Henry 07-27-2019 DOWNLOAD
Whose Really In Charge by Vince Lowhorn 07-20-2019 DOWNLOAD
The Religion Of Judaism part 1 by Steve Vaughn 07-13-2019 DOWNLOAD
Independence Day by Dave Jones 07-06-2019 DOWNLOAD
Trust by Danny Howard 06-29-2019 DOWNLOAD
Busy As Bee's by Vince Lowhorn 06-22-2019 DOWNLOAD
Keep The Spirit by Jeff Henry 06-15-2019 DOWNLOAD
A Wise And Understanding Heart by Dave Jones (Pentecost) 06-09-2019 DOWNLOAD
Training Ground by Mike Knott 06-08-2019 DOWNLOAD
The Spirit Of Truth by Dave Jones 06-01-2019 DOWNLOAD
Never Give In by Vince Lowhorn 05-25-2019 (pre-recorded 2017) DOWNLOAD
Limitless by Jeff Henry 05-18-2019 DOWNLOAD
Where Is The fruit by Mike Knott 05-05-2019 DOWNLOAD
The Long Road by Danny Howard DOWNLOAD
Simplicity by Danny Howard (Last DULB) DOWNLOAD
The Wave Sheaf by Dave Jones (1st DULB) 04-20-2019 DOWNLOAD


Radio Broadcast

Did God Create Human Nature part 1 (Dave Jones) 09-20-2019 DOWNLOAD
Gods Faith 09-13-2019 DOWNLOAD
Eternal Life Thru Faith 09-06-2019 DOWNLOAD
Cyrus The Great (Dave Jones) 08-30-2019 DOWNLOAD
Deuteronomy Chap.28 (Pre-recorded 2016 download link is in the "older" archive)
Endurance 08-16-2019 DOWNLOAD
Healing 08-09-2019 DOWNLOAD
Does God Exist (Dave Jones) 08-02-2019 DOWNLOAD
Love 07-26-2019 DOWNLOAD
Gods Commandments 07-19-2019 (pre-recorded 2015 download link is in the "older" archive)
Happiness 07-13-2019 DOWNLOAD
Seven Laws Of Success (Dave Jones) 07-05-2019 DOWNLOAD
Born Again (Dave Jones) 06-29-2019 DOWNLOAD
Being A Christian 06-21-2019 DOWNLOAD
King Josiah (Dave Jones) 05-31-2019 DOWNLOAD
Faith 05-24-2019 DOWNLOAD
Faith part 2 06-07-2019 DOWNLOAD
Elisha The Prophet Of God (Dave Jones) DOWNLOAD
Elijah The Prophet Of God (Dave Jones) 05-10-2019 DOWNLOAD
Hezekiah Walked In Truth (Dave Jones) 05-03-2019 DOWNLOAD
Servants Of God (Dave Jones) 04-19-2019 DOWNLOAD


Bible Study

Did God Create Human Nature (Dave Jones) 09-11-2019 DOWNLOAD
Isaiah (new) part 7 08-28-2019 DOWNLOAD
Isaiah (new) part 6 08-14-2019 DOWNLOAD
Isaiah (new) part 5 07-31-2019 DOWNLOAD
Isaiah (new) part 4 07-17-2019 DOWNLOAD
Isaiah (new) part 3 07-03-2019 DOWNLOAD
Isaiah (new) part 2 06-19-2019 DOWNLOAD
Isaiah (new) part 1 05-22-2019 DOWNLOAD
The Great Awakening 05-08-2019 DOWNLOAD
Gods Holy Days And The Harvests 04-03-2019 DOWNLOAD