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*This site is dedicated to those who want to hold fast to the restored doctrines that God gave us through the teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong, and to those who are searching for the Truth. There will be a new program to listen to every week. All you need to listen to the program is Adobe Flash Player, your computer probably already has it, if not it can be installed  HERE. The program will automatically start playing in a few seconds. There will be a new program featured each week. The program will be updated every Friday between 4:00pm and 7:00pm central time. This website is a study tool for Gods people, so if you have any ideas questions or comments please contact me.

    (All telephone numbers and addresses mentioned on these broadcasts are no longer valid, the material and literature that is offered can be found within this website.)

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"Man Rejects Gods Way"


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   The US And Britain In Prophecy


       COULD YOU ANSWER? Where are the United States and Britain spoken of in Bible prophecy?

       COULD YOU BELIEVE these nations are mentioned more times than any other in Bible prophecy?

        CONSIDER THIS: Such small nations as Ethiopia, Libya, Turkey, Egypt are referred to in biblical prophecy. Russia is in the prophecies. How could such world powers as the United States and Britain be ignored --or are they?

         AND CONSIDER THIS! About one third of all the Bible is devoted to prophecies--about 90 percent of them foretelling world events of our time now--last half of the 20th century. Yet even theologians have not understood these prophecies--which tell us what now lies immediately ahead in world events that will involve YOU and all the rest of us. The KEY that unlocks these earth-shaking prophecies--involving the United States and Britain--had been lost! The definite identity of the United States and Britain in the prophecies is that KEY. That KEY has been found. It is revealed in this book-possibley the most astounding truth in the Holy Scriptures!






            The Babylon Mystery Religion

*Why are there so many religions? Where did they all originate from? If Christ returned to this Earth today, which religion would he embrace? Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong spoke as a voice crying out in the 20th century wilderness of religious confusion. Where did all of this confusion come from? Rev. 17:5 speaks of "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH." Who or What is this verse referring to? The answers to these questions can be found in these two books.






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