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This site is for people who wish to learn the truth with streaming audio and video of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong in radio and television programs, magazines and booklets.

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*These are pre-recorded messages given by The WholeWorld Church Of God. There will be a new video posted here each month. All you need to be able to listen to or to watch the video is "Adobe Flash Player". Your computer probably already has it, but if not it can be installed HERE. These videos are also available on the WWCG YouTube channel...www.wwcg-unshakeablekingdom.com The video will start playing automatically in a few seconds. You may have to click the "pause" button in the player for the message to load for a minute, then click the "play" button in the player to play the message. You will probably need a high speed internet connection to be able to view the video's.

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This month's video:

"The Prophet"  01-2017

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