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E.U. - IRELAND: Seek Northern Ireland Separation in Brexit!

Notwithstanding the British Prime Ministers attempted betrayal of Northern Ireland in her December Twenty Seventeen Brexit negotiations with E.U. officials, in which she agreed to sign away Northern Ireland's right to leave all aspects of European domination in compliance with the majority vote of the rest of the British people, a last minute stand by Northern Ireland's Unionist members of the British Parliament issued a NO DEAL announcement!

It appears that out of sheer desperation British negotiators have given in to all demands with forty-two percent of British exports depending on a new trade deal with the E.U! Miraculously the ten Ulster Unionists had accepted the responsibility for keeping the British Conservative part in power in Britain earlier in the year. 

Knowing they would withdraw their support if she signed, Theresa May returned to Number 10 Downing Street with no agreement to proceed with trade talks, even though she is prepared to issue a check payable to the insolvent E.U. for 50 Billion! 

European Union negotiators had proposed that against the wishes of the majority of this fiercely pro-British province they be forced to REMAIN in the E.U. Single Market and the Customs Union further separating Northern Ireland from Britain against the consistent voting wishes of the Protestant majority and the one-third of Roman Catholics in Northern Ireland who constantly vote to STAY British.

One of the main reasons for Britain exiting the E. U. is to have NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY restored. No longer being controlled by the European Parliament and the un-elected European Council, as well as the European Supreme Court who not only write the laws on trade between E.U. nations but European law now virtually controls every aspect of life in Britain as well as the five hundred million population of the new single nation EUROPE. 

Discussion has been recently introduced concerning the lack of rest and time for family life in the E.U. This will eventually lead to the ENFORCEMENT of the SUNDAY keeping law! The Vatican had this made law within the European Union decades ago along with Latin being the official language for the governing body. 

A further capitulation against the will of the majority of Brexit voters has now re-established talks.

Habeas Corpus And Joining The Euro And An E.U. Army

In continuing introduction of new directives from Brussels since the Brexit vote, 'Innocent until proven guilty' was to become a thing of the past in British Law, replaced by 'GUILTY until proven innocent' under European law! Try to introduce that in the U.S. for example!

According to the latest 'State of the E.U.' speech by its President, appointed by the German Chancellor: 

#1 A EUROPEAN ARMED FORCES is to be built with Army, Navy, and Airforce by 2025. The British Government is attending talks on this even though they are to leave the E.U. It has been indicated that GERMANY is prepared to pay for a NUCLEAR ARSENAL built from French and British stockpiles! 

This is the only reason Britain has been invited to participate, they have already been excluded from attendance in various other E.U. matters! The British people have been kept in the dark to their governments involvement and will want NO part of it! 

How many of the 28 nations will agree to this? Denmark has already refused. Prophecy foretells there will ultimately be 10 national armed forces involved, and to this effect, the German army has already begun to integrate units from former East Block countries! #2 All future nations joining the E.U. will be forced to join the Euro in order to bolster this presently sagging currency. 

The Beginning Of The Beast Power

This is the beginning of the formation of what is described as a ferocious "BEAST POWER" military which will use nuclear or other modern weaponry on the British and American people before a full-scale invasion ordered by the coming European dictator head of the structure now built, and awaiting his arrival backed by the Vatican!

The people of Northern Ireland will want no part in anything like that. See 'The United States And Britain In Prophecy' and 'The Mark And 666'. 

A Footnote To Thirty Years Of Murder In Northern Ireland!

It was originally planned in the Sixties by young Irish revolutionaries to make it an ALL Ireland Communist state, those were the days of Castro and Chez! When the Irish people realized this they withdrew their support.

Martin Maginnis and Jerry Adams became the visible faces of the murders of three thousand mostly innocent people over a thirty year period in Northern Ireland. When men, woman, and children, walking to the store to buy food for their family or carrying out their daily routine living their lives in peace, were maimed or blasted to pieces by terrorist bombs, one, two, three and four at a time, holding Northern Ireland in an atmosphere of terror.

The leading away of a Catholic mother to be murdered because she comforted a young soldier who had been shot down while patrolling the street has been attributed to the brutal mind of Adams! 

9/11 Convinces New York And Boston

It took the 9/11 attack to convince the Catholic populations of New York and Boston to stop funding the TERRORISM in Northern Ireland, which had inspired the drink 'AN IRISH CAR BOMB' still popular in American bars. 

Perhaps those ordering it might like to try standing by one of these as it is detonated, as many innocent people did. Notedly the same number of innocents died in New York in one day as died in the Northern Ireland violence!

Within a few weeks of 9/11 the I.R.A., the cause of thirty years of terrorist bombings 'Declare Their Opposition To Terrorism' what a travesty! And only because they could foresee money from America 'for the cause' drying up!

WHY The Separation of Northern Ireland Continues

Why did the six counties in the north of Ireland maintain ties with Britain? Ireland was petitioned to protect the minority. The majority in the six counties in the North did not and still do not want to be DOMINATED by the Vatican controlled Catholic majority government in Dublin and therefore choose to maintain their freedom from this by REMAINING with Protestant Britain. 

You may know that Ireland was regarded as Britain's first colony before the British Empire developed, but most do not know how long ago the independence of the former northern kingdom of ULSTER came into being and continues to be the wealthiest and most independent of the former four kingdoms in Ireland.

Its history and the history of the Scotts in the northern kingdom of Ireland goes back two thousand five hundred years and even before that Royalty of the Red Hand of Ulster descending from the kings of Judah ruled there!

British Royalty Came Through Ireland!

After the fall of Jerusalem and the supposed dismantling of King Solomon's descendency in Israel at the hand of the Babylonian king, one of king Hezekiah's daughters brought her son to 'Tara' the high kingdom of Ireland continuing the lineage of the throne of David in a safe haven amongst the so called 'Lost Ten Tribes Of Israel'! 

This 'Tara' may have originally been 'Torah,' because the laws of Ireland were written there based on old testament law. It is recorded that a later king "toyed with the name."

It is possible to trace more than one of the 'lost tribes to Ireland' and the tribe of Dan to DAN'S MARK, or Denmark as well as to Ireland.

See 'From Jerusalem to London' more dramatic than any other history, and with a love story between an Irish Prince of Ulster and the King's daughter. And as mentioned this was also the beginning of those named Scotts in Ireland who protected her on her journey and established her there. 

Later the Scotts would establish the same royal lineage in Scotland and eventually the king of Scotland would become the king of England creating the United Kingdoms of Scotland and England.

The British Royal Family are the direct descendants of King David of Israel and in fulfillment of prophecy a descendant of David would rule over a descendant nation of Israel until the return of Jesus Christ "when David their king will be resurrected to once again rule over them." 

Believe it or not that day is just ahead of us as this wound up spring we call modern civilization complete with enough nukes to wipe out all life many times over begins a nuclear World War Three, when GERMANY gets its hands on E.U. nukes!!! 

Scottish Foundation of These United States

But the true story of the Scotts did not end in Ireland and Scotland because from amongst these same people would come the establishment of Nova Scotia-New Scotland in Canada, and later from the late sixteenth century to the beginning of the war of American Independence a constant migration of a quarter million Ulster Scotts would lay the foundation for the United States of America - credit where credit is due. Washington himself gave them that! 

The Roman Catholic Irish did not arrive in the United States until the years of the Irish potato famines during the mid eighteen hundreds and therefore came eighty to one hundred years after the founding of the nation!

This defeats the lie told by Catholic church leaders that the Catholic Irish helped win American independence from Great Britain. They did arrive just in time to help subdue the Scotts Irish Protestant southern states, in their war for independence in the American Civil war.

More American Presidents have come from the Scotts than from any other ethnic group, a promise which has been fulfilled as direct descendants of a man God named Israel. 
Taking Centre Stage

To learn how America and Britain were meant to take center stage just when they did, see 'The United States And Britain In Prophecy' and the extensive 'America And Britain In Prophecy' for proof of Gods' plan to fulfill His promise of national greatness made long ago to Israel's descendants. 

The fulfillment of that promise has been completed. Now, Gods' 7000-year plan is about to enter the traumatic time during the merge into the 1000 years of coming world peace where even Northern Ireland will enjoy its rest!

See 'The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like' 'which pictures in detail the peace and prosperity soon to come to ALL nations!