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As with the attempted Muslim invasion of Europe, with millions from the Middle-East trampling down Europe's borders, we witness a similar Catholic invasion of Protestant Britain. 

The gigantic scale in proportion to the resources of this geographically small island nation to absorb 'three-hundred and fifty to five-hundred thousand' Eastern European Roman Catholic workers plus their dependents year after year has become a major factor in the drive for Britain to recover control of its borders.

It has been estimated that the British government would need to have one new home completed every FOUR MINUTES to house these mainly semi skilled workers with little ability to help pay for the nation's resources spent on their dependents.

The struggle continues to reverse Britain's right to leave the European Union with former Prime Ministers, such as Tony Blair's coming out of political retirement claiming the need for a second Brexit referendum, to keep Britain in the E.U. 

Mr. Blair previously gave up his Protestant religion becoming Catholic in order to enhance his chances of becoming President of The European Union. 

The Trump Wall...

In 1975 there were five million legal residents of Mexican descent living in the United States, in 2017 there are forty million. And with what has been a totally penetrable border with Mexico during the past forty years, an additional eleven to probably twenty million are now living in the U.S. without documentation.

This increase and influx of approximately SIXTY MILLION have raised the number of Roman Catholics in the United States to more than twenty percent of the U.S. population, and in some States such as California to more than half. 

One outcome of this is an item placed on the ballot for a referendum, on the right for California to leave the Union in order to become an independent Nation-or to join with Catholic Mexico! 

This is what the Catholic influence has achieved in the richest state, believing the U.S. Federal Government has been so weakened, as it has been infiltrated by more than forty Jesuit-taught State's representatives in the U.S. Congress, and with liberal representatives from California. 

The Catholic churches leadership now claims to be the largest 'Christian church' in the United States. The belief is that in time it may be possible too if not take Catholic control of the government, to dissolve The United States Of America!

Why The Sudden HALT to Illegal U.S.-Mexico Border Crossings?

Suddenly, illegal border crossings have been REDUCED BY EIGHTY PERCENT on the U.S. southern border, just at the time the President who has promised to build a BORDER WALL is in need of government funding to begin full-scale construction!

The massive decline in illegal border crossings is being applauded as a victory for the Trump administration, but it may actually become the reason why the wall may never be built, as every Catholic priest in Mexico and Central America orders those under their control in each local dioceses "DO NOT CROSS THE BORDER"! 

The End Of The Roman Church

You may not know it but the Vatican is not only the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, but it is also the Capital of the Vatican State, a Country with world status and with emissaries in every nation around the world.

God condemn's such behavior by those even masquerading as His true Church, and a soon coming end to all such church originations will be effected upon Christ's return, including those regarded as Rome's Wayward Daughter Churches, who have taken their major beliefs from Rome's adopted pre-Christian practices. See 'The Truth About Christmas' and 'The Truth About Easter.' 

The church at Rome has most recently involved itself in the formation of the European Union, the final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire with serious consequences for America and Britain as well as the nations of Western and North Western Europe!

While God will allow this growing military power to be used to discipline America and Britain with nuclear strikes against our major population centers and military installations, believe it or not! But, no length of German-Vatican world domination will be allowed for more than a 'flash in the pan' three and one-half years existence!